Saturday, December 20, 2014

Must Haves Motorcycle Gear

By :  rachmad mulyo

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and starting to collect motorcycle gear that will give you that perfect ride, this article will provide you just the basic information to start up.

Many starting motorcycle riders are in confusion on what clothing, motorbike accessories and other survival kits are needed in order to enjoy the fun of this exciting vehicle. More often than not, given all the available resources and accessories around, it’s just so hard to decide what to buy.

If you are conscious, you will come up with a long list of motorcycle gear, but the question now falls on the frequency of usage of the accessories in question. Will you be using all of these accessories that often? Are there more needed accessories that you need?

With all those questions in mind, it is best that we have all the needed answers in order to and keep you from frustration and protect your savings at the same time. Below are the lists of motorbike accessories that you need to have before you hang off that driving seat and get the ride of your life!


Clothing style is very important if you are a motorbike user. Although it isn't required that you have all the motorbike clothes, there are specifics that you will need to consider.

a.    Top. T-shirts decorated with all motorcycle-related stuffs similar to what you see with famous motorcycle riders are the best. Leather jackets are a needed top accessory.

Get one which allows the air to circulate inside the jacket in order to prepare you in the summer season. Some signature jackets like Joe Rocket, Road gear and Hein Gericke are the jacket brands of choice.

b.    Pants and Boots. Pants shouldn't be that of ordinary pants. Leather pants and chaps are OK. Boots with soles made up of genuine rubber are necessary in order to keep your feet on the ground when you stop down the road.

c.    Helmets. It is a fact that most governments around require motorcycle users to wear helmets at all times. Since motor bikers are prone to accidents, it is necessary to wear one. Wear a full-face helmet that will keep your head from the distracting sun rays, bugs and water when raining.

Survival Kits

a.    Reflective Vest. Keeps you visible along the road.
b.    Ear plugs. Protects your ears from any induced effects of air pressure while travelling.
c.    First Aid Kits and Tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, sparkplugs, and loc-tite.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Buy and Take Care of Your Motorcycle Apparel

by : rachmad mulyo

Everyone who has been riding motorcycles knows very well the utmost importance of protecting one’s body. With a motorcycle you are more vulnerable than when you are in a car and thus you have to take all necessary precautionary measures to maintain safety. The helmet is a given in terms of biking protection, however, you shouldn't overlook what you wear when riding. You should also take into consideration the motorcycle apparel you wear.

Motorcycle apparel should be designed for riding and one that keeps you insulated and dry during your rides. It should also be sturdy enough to protect your from scrapes and bruises in case of accidents. Motorcycle apparel serves as your second skin and keeping you warm in cold weather, or ventilated during warm weather. A good material for motorcycle apparel is leather.

When buying your motorcycle apparel you should ask the store or the manufacturer about the materials used for the gear. You should know whether it uses synthetic or natural fibers and materials. This also determines what kind of caring and cleaning steps are appropriate for its materials. This is especially important with leather gear, because with proper care motorcycle apparel can last to up to 10 years or even more.

Ask the store for maintenance or cleaning products that they recommend for the motorcycle apparel you are buying. If you are choosing leather gear, be sure to know the type of finish it has because that would greatly determine what kind of care would be appropriate. Stores sometimes have their own set of cleaning solutions for motorcycle apparel and it would be recommended to use them. If they are too expensive for your budget, look at their ingredients and find similar products in the supermarket.

Motorcycle apparel may cost a lot more than your regular clothes because they are made for riding. Despite the costs, they could be worth every penny because of the protection they could provide you. They can also help you build on your style as a rider. By wearing real motorcycle apparel you can definitely look and feel like a bike rider.

Buying motorcycle apparel should be considered as an investment by any rider. With god motorcycle apparel, you can ride with style and at the same time feel confident about your warmth and safety. So go ahead to your local motorcycle apparel store and find the gear that fits you and your taste.